I’ve Been Featured on Muslimah Media Watch

Muslimah Media Watch (available through Patheos.com) recently published an article of mine, and there are plans to publish at least on more. Here’s an excerpt:

Women and Children First: How French Policies are Impacting Muslim Communities

France’s quest for a strict separation of church and state in the public sphere while protecting private beliefs, confounds the two arenas by allowing the codification of laws that inhibit the open practice of faith. Each legislative push against religion brings it closer to the heart of the public sphere and encroaches upon the private. While it is understandable that France would like to keep its citizens safe by banning clothing that might inhibit criminal investigations, instances of attacks by veiled women are relatively rare and do not characterize the whole of the Muslim population in France, especially considering France hosts one of the largest Muslim populations in Europe. These laws, then, do more to harm the highly-visible female Muslim population than to protect the public. France is trying to erase Muslim women.


As if to further the affront against human rights, the French are now dictating not only what Muslims wear, but also what they put into their bodies.

Such egregious policies cause identity problems by forcing students to choose between family, faith, and state. …It seems that to France, forced homogeneity is the definition of secularism.

Read the full article here: Muslimah Media Watch

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