A Little Bit of Rhetoric

I’m writing this post as a necessary addendum to yesterday’s post. I titled the piece “covered convert” for two reasons: I like alliteration, and “convert” is a buzzword when it comes to religion. I felt that by using a buzzword, the post would reach more people.

Personally, though, I limit my self-reflective use of the word convert for the simple fact that it isn’t true; I had nothing from which to convert. I tend to use the either the phrase “I accepted Islam” or the phrase “I embraced Islam” because they feel more accurate. My journey into Islam was long and hard but eventually there came a point when I could not deny myself any longer. More on that later (maybe).

As for the term “revert,” I’m pretty apathetic about it. I understand the theory behind it– everyone is born Muslim, but not everyone knows that right away. When they eventually “see the light” they are simply returning to their true form. I get it. I just haven’t thought about it enough or done enough reading to form an opinion about it, and I shy away from taking other people’s words for fact.

On an unrelated note: I’m surprised by the surge of inspiration that’s been hitting me the past two weeks. I’m notorious for posting a slew of fairly regular pieces then disappearing off the face of the Earth. I’m hoping to keep up the momentum, but humans are creatures of habit. For the time being, I’ll write what I’ve got planned and let the rest happen as it happens.

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