This Poem Isn’t About Race -OR- Sarabi’s Manifesto


Take. Take. Take.

They took from us and called it giving

And told us to be glad we were still living

They took our cultures and gave them class

They took our religions and said they saved our a—

They took our languages and called it education

They took our names and called it social foundation

They took our stuff then started to race

Then got upset when we couldn’t keep pace

Now it’s our fault, we’re to blame

Because we failed to win their game

They dumped our chocolate bodies into the pot

Piled high, tempers boiling hot

They dumped our chocolate bodies in-

-to one big hot garbage bin

Then they went and dumped in sugar

Ta sweetin’ us up an’ mek us taste gooder


Well hun, this chocolate ain’t burnt

That I know

And it don’t take the Bible to tell me so

All that’s left is for me to be

Truly, wholly, sincerely, unapologetically me

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