Featured Installation

Balloons Documentation Video from Sarabi Eventide on Vimeo.

Balloons is an interactive installation  final project born out of my team’s desire to create something beautiful, simple, and fun. With these design concepts in mind, we decided to build a canopy filled with balloons. When people in the installation pull the balloons, music plays. 

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Featured Animation

For the Glory of Satan, of Course from Sarabi Eventide on Vimeo.

For our Communications Lab final project, Ferwa and I decided to create a morbid-yet-cute animation. Neither of us is a Satanist, nor do we condone violence towards animals. Each asset in the animation, from the background to the characters, was hand-drawn using a Wacom tablet and animated in AfterEffects. We took turns drawing and animating the project, while I worked on the sound in AdobeAudition.

Our in-class reflections on the project are here.


Featured Video Work

Scenes of a City Night from Sarabi Eventide on Vimeo.

A 2014 film project. The story goes through the lives of four characters, who are related in ways you may not expect. My team shot the film in Shanghai’s Yuanshen Stadium neighborhood (in Pudong). We all took turns filming and editing.

Reflection on the project is posted here.

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