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Article Excerpts (non-exhaustive list)

“Central Problems in Education”– OCA

I’ve realized that educational institutions, particularly those in the United States, are inherently flawed in terms of writing programs, that pace at which students learn, and elitism. Not too long ago I came up with what I determined was the perfect simile for attending school: it feels like drowning. It feels like I’m being hit with wave after wave of assignments, and just when my head finally breaks the surface of the water a tsunami pushes me back under, asphyxiating me and killing what little hope I had of retaining my sanity…

“Bangladeshi Women, Media, and the ‘Helpers of Allah'”– MMW

Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), the extremist group in Bangladesh responsible for the deaths of numerous secular and liberal bloggers, is once again attempting to dictate what is and is not acceptable in Bengali media. In its most recent move, the group issued a threat to media companies employing women and insisted that the female employees are in violation of Islamic law, especially the unveiled models in advertisement campaigns. ABT’s threat is problematic for three main reasons…

“Bleeding is Normal, But Are There Consequences?”– OCA

A little over two weeks ago, BuzzFeed published an article detailing mens’ reactions to an English company’s new “period policy.” Coexist, a Bristol-based company, plans on allowing period leave every month. Bex, the company director, claims the new policy will help create a more productive team by tapping into natural bodily rhythms. She argues that taking time off to allow the body to recover is more productive than attempting to work through the pain and the slew of other symptoms. The BuzzFeed article, while amusing, underscored a very important point: periods are still a complicated social issue…

Hijarbie is a Toy, Nothing More“-MMW

After almost 57 years of body-image debate, Barbie finally got an update. Mattel, Barbie’s producer, has announced that they will start issuing dolls that reflect more realistic body types.  At almost the same time, however, another Barbie-related sensation has been sweeping the web: Hijarbie

“Blood and Bridal Gowns: The Fate of Women’s Rights in China”– OCA

In early March, the Chinese government sanctioned the imprisonment of 10 women’s rights activists who were protesting the domestic violence and sexual harassment…

“Yet Another Hijab Day?”– MMW

“There is no need for a law on the headscarf at university…The headscarf is not banned in French society.” Let’s hope it stays that way.

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