October Updates

Hey Birdies!

October shall be the month of site-wide updates and upgrades. I’m keeping the look and feel pretty much the same, but I’m adding functionality and content. For starters, I’m going to try to get my comment widget working. It’s still throwing an error every time someone tries to submit a comment, but I do see the comments that come through. Hopefully I can find a solution for that.


I’m also going to be dropping downloadable tea guides around the site. I haven’t quite figured out how file transfer works around here yet, but that’s why I’m giving myself a month to do it, lol.


In terms of general post content, I’m going to aim for 2-3 posts per week on Swallow Song, as well as guest posts in other places. I still write for Muslimah Media Watch (I’ve actually recently taken over their Twitter account as well) and I’ll see if I can get some guest posts up elsewhere.


Just a heads up, my next few Saturday Series posts will be hella personal and potentially quite intense. I feel like I’d be doing myself and the world a disservice if I don’t use this platform for a PSA every now and then.


I think that about sums up what’s in store for October. If you have suggestions, drop them in the comments below (don’t be afraid of the scary comment error <3).




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  1. Ferwa Razzaq says:

    Looking forward to your October posts! 😀

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