MMW Post: Bangladeshi Women, Media and the “Helpers of Allah”

Here’s my second and last guest piece for Muslimah Media Watch. I’ll explain why it’s my last in the post after this one.



In its most recent move, the [Ansarullah Bangla Team] issued a threat to media companies employing women and insisted that the female employees are in violation of Islamic law, especially the unveiled models in advertisement campaigns…While ABT might argue that they are attempting to respect women by asking them to be covered, such an argument suggests that unveiled women are undeserving of respect. It will be difficult for Bangladeshi women in the media to continue working after these threats. ABT has already proven it is more than capable of following through with its promises, and reporters have an especially high level of visibility, making them even more susceptible to attacks. In this case, however, fear cannot be a deterrent.  More female faces and louder voices, combined with strategic movements and increased governmental protection might be enough to counteract ABT’s toxic campaign…

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