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The past few days I’ve been seeing Bloglovin links and references on some of the feeds I follow. Previously, I’d been using Feedly to keep up with blog feeds. I highly recommend Feedly, because there’s virtually no learning curve. It’s easy to find and follow blogs and to create categories so you can split your reading up by type of content. There are paid features for Feedly, but I’ve never needed to use them.

Because so many people used Bloglovin, though, I decided to check it out. I figured something with “blog” in the name was probably relevant to what I’m doing here. It turns out that Bloglovin serves a similar purpose to Feedly; it gathers all the feeds you follow in one place. I’ve only been on Bloglovin for a few hours, but I noticed an option to create an account and “claim” a blog. In order to claim a blog, I have to make a post with the link I’ve included at the top of this post, and Bloglovin will register the connection. I couldn’t find my blog on there through a simple search, so I’m guessing I have to claim the blog to make it visible. Regardless of whether this is true, I don’t see any harm on jumping on this bandwagon and making my blog at least a little bit easier to find. If I like Bloglovin, I may even start including other integrations such as the Bloglovin follow button and comment add-ons. For now, I’m just trying to see how this experiment goes.

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