Almost Everyone is a Little Like Lars

Heart and Brain: Body Language

By: Nick Seluk

Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2017. 144 Pages

I know I’ve been reviewing nothing but graphic novels and comic books lately, but I meant it when I said NetGalley has some seriously awesome stuff in that category. When I came across Heart and Brain: Body Language (An Awkward Yeti Collection) I smashed the request button.


I’ve been reading Awkard Yeti comics for about a year on Nick Seluk’s website. His comics feature Lars, the yeti, and his zany internal organs. Each organ has its own personality and affect the way Lars interacts with the world. Lars deals with coffee addiction and social anxiety; his Heart is whimsical and his Brain is pragmatic (but is often swayed by his Heart). The whole lot is super relatable.

The Reply


While reading Heart and Brain: Body Language  I found that though Seluk posts a fair amount of his comics online, they’re not all on the website. The book includes quite a few “bonus” comics and I appreciate Seluk’s use of primary “crayola box” colors (I don’t know how else to describe them). The color pallet is simple and bright, which makes even the difficult/frightening situation easy to read.


A number of the comics are single-pane, which I tend to be a fan of. Besides Seluk,  Wiley Miller (the artists behind Non Sequitor comics) and Dan Piraro (author of Bizarro! comics) all do a pretty good job of making me chuckle in the 15 seconds it takes to read the panel. That’s what I call talent. If you click through the links to the other comic websites, I’m sure you’ll realize that my sense of humor is pretty strange.


Since so much of Seluk’s work is online, I decided that this post will speak about his work in general, rather than the book itself. You can gauge whether you’d like the book by going to and clicking through some of the panels. I’m warning you, it’s a deep rabbit hole.


Heart and Brain: Body Language is actually Seluk’s third collection. I’ve noticed he released all his books in October, but I’m not sure why that is. I’m sure it’s at least partyly coincidence. Or maybe he just like the month of October.


He released Heart and Brain: Gut Instincts in 2016, and Heart and Brain in 2015. As you can see, Heart and Brain are the stars of the show, even though the series is officially called The Awkard Yeti. Since releasing his first collection, Seluk has branched out to open an Awkward Yeti webstore and is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund his Heart and Brain party game. I can’t imagine what the game will be like, but I’m intrigued by the concept.


Body Language comes out today (October 3rd) and is available in both paperback and digital form. From now until October 21st, you’ll receive a FREE Marvel comic with the purchase of select graphic novels. It just so happens that Body Language is part of the promotion so head on over to Amazon to grab a copy: Heart and Brain: Body Language on Amazon.

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