Ain’t I a Woman, too?

Even if my hips don’t sway with each step,

Even if I don’t have beach waves

flowing down to my waist,

Ain’t I a woman, too?


Even if I don’t get married

Even if I don’t have kids,

Ain’t I a woman, too?


Why do we employ

such narrow definitions

of womanhood and femininity?
Ain’t I a woman, too?


Is my skin too dark,

Hair too kinky?

Are my nails too short are

My interest too masculine?

Ain’t I a woman, too?


And if I’m a woman,

Don’t I deserve respect?


Why is it okay for you to ask to see me,

All of me,

When I have clearly chosen not to

give the world that privilege?


Does veiling make me less of a woman?

less of a person?

Aren’t women people, too?


I am in a wheelchair,

wearing a back brace,

I’m missing an arm,

But ain’t I a woman, too?


If I’m not a person

I will still choose to be present

You will perceive me

And change your perception

Because I am a woman, too


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