Now I understand.

I’ve been in Islam for less than half a year

So naturally there’s a lot that I don’t get

I’m not familiar with politics

I’m not sure who I believe is the successor of Muhammad

But I do know that

Slaughtering, massacring human beings

Regardless of who they are

Is nothing short of barbarism

And I, in refusing to acknowledge the tragedy of Karbala,

Would be nothing short of barbaric

How can I pretend I don’t hear the cries

How can I pretend I don’t see the tears

How can I pretend I don’t hear

The stoic, mournful silence

How ca I pretend I don’t feel the pain of those around me

Even if I’m a bit confused

How can I not admire the strength of Imam Hussein until his last day

How can we not cringe in horror

As we imagine the desert sand

Being parted by crimson rivers

That nourish none and draw

Similar flows from the eyes of the family of our beloved Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wa salaam)

And here 1400 years later eyes overflowing

How can we ignore the fact that he who began his life sitting joyfully on the Prophet’s knees

Ended his life in bloody pieces

How can we ignore the fact that Hussein and those with him were the very same family

To which we send our blessings in every single prayer?

The shadows of tyranny have forever darkened the history of Islam


[Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad wa ali Muhammad]

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